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Alex Petersen 
Business Manager
Pilates Instructor
(Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

Alex has a strong sporting background with involvement in the Wagga tennis, netball, basketball, touch and water polo competitions over the past 10 years. She is a keen long distance runner, enjoys social road cycling and is kept busy with her two kids.

Alex has completed additional study in London specifically on complex injuries, assessment and treatment of the shoulder. Alex works closely with representative AFL teams and elite tennis players across NSW and regularly travels with elite teams. 

Alex has extensive skills as a women's health physiotherapist and has completed training in the management of pregnancy related pelvic girdle plan, pelvic floor retraining, stress and urge incontinence, prolapse and pessary fitting.

She also has comprehensive clinical skills in waterproof casting, dry needling, neurological rehab, orthopaedic rehab, worksite assessments, paediatrics, and cardiopulmonary rehab. 

Alex continues to undertake regular courses and maintains professional physiotherapy memberships to stay up to date with the latest evidence and best practice. Alex has completed further education in dry needling, spinal and cervical spine management, women's health, sports injuries and rehabilitation, shoulder assessment and rehabilitation (her special area of focus), strength and conditioning, lower limb biomechanical assessment, orthotic prescription and matwork and reformer pilates instruction.


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