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Charles McIntosh 
Physiotherapist (Bachelor of Exercise Science, Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
Originally from Bathurst with an agricultural background, Charlie has always had a passion for combining his deep interests in strength and conditioning with physiotherapy to bridge the gap between rehab and high performance. He loves working with clients across the board in that context from the 'more mature' client to junior athletes, as he believes that high performance is specific to everyone’s goals. He also has interests in back and neck pain.
Charlie comes with a broad spectrum of clinical experience in emergency physiotherapy musculoskeletal physio, orthopaedics, neurological physiotherapy, strength and conditioning coaching in Sydney, sport training for various clubs across Bathurst, Albury and Wagga, GWS academy physiotherapy and coverage for the Western Region Academy of sport.
Charlie is a country boy at heart. He loves his Rugby and cricket, loves his country music, loves his dogs, and enjoys a spot of cooking every now and then too!