Finlay Taylor 
Personal Trainer (Cert 4 Fitness, Currently completing B.AppSci Physiotherapy)


Fin comes to Synergy with a wealth of experience. He is currently studying Physiotherapy at University and has completed a stunning amount of additional training as a Personal Trainer. Fin has done extra training in: Boxing & Martial Arts, Functional Training, Kettlebells Level 1&2, Strength & Conditioning, Trx Suspension Training, Advanced Strength Training and Sports Conditioning, Pre and Post-natal Training, Advanced Sports Rehabilitation, Teams Training, Bootcamps Level 1& 2 (Advanced), Advanced Heart Rate and Cardiovascular Training (vo2max and anaerobic threshold).

Fin worked previously as a strength and conditioning trainer for NFL and NHL teams in Montreal, Canada, and has also emmassed a huge bank of experience in gyms in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Fin runs anti-bullying and self esteem building sessions for schools and community groups and has a passion for rugby, boxing and martial arts. 

In 2018 and 2019, Fin is the Sports Trainer/ Strength and Conditioning Coach for a local AFL team and is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the GWS Giants Academy teams. 


Synergy Healthworks Physiotherapy and Fitness Centre

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