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Karen Radburn
 Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Bachelor of Science in Human Movement

Karen is an accredited Exercise Physiologist. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Movement at Charles Sturt University. 

Karen comes to us with a wealth of experience both in private practice exercise physiology and University Lecturing. Karen is a qualified 'Heart Moves' Examiner and 'She Rides' Instructor. 

Karen originates from a farm in Orange, NSW. Beginning her career as a research Microbiologist Mycologist, with numerous published papers. Pursuing her passion, she returned to University to study a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement.


Karen has accumulated over 25 years as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, notably over 10 years at Synergy Healthworks.


Karen has a special interest in menopausal exercise, with a keen awareness of the unique physical and emotional challenges that women face during this transformative stage of life. She has dedicated her work to enabling women to fulfil their potential at any age.


Karen's upbringing in a well known equestrian family influenced her love for the outdoors. This passion led her to discover mountain biking, a sport she now dedicates herself to with enthusiasm. Karen is committed to not only pursuing mountain biking but also introducing women to the exhilarating world of this sport, sharing her enthusiasm and expertise. You will often seen Karen cycling around the Wagga region with her husband and son. 

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