Women's Health Physiotherapy Services 

Our women's health physiotherapists are passionate about treating women. We provide assessment and treatment for-

Antenatal Care

•    Pelvic girdle pain

•    Pelvic floor

•    Incontinence

•    Birth preparation

•    Perineal release

•    Abdominal care

Post Natal Care

•    Mastitis

•    Therapeutic ultrasound for mastitis

•    Abdominal separation

•    Pelvic floor

•    Incontinence

•    Return to exercise

•    Perineal tears and episiotomies

Pelvic pain and dyspareunia
Post- gynaecological and abdominal surgery Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Urinary incontinence
Overactive bladder
Bladder and bowel dysfunction
Bladder pain syndrome
Faecal urgency and incontinence
Pessary fitting and management