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Alexandra Hunt 
Women's Health Physiotherapist
Pilates Instructor
(Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
Australian Physiotherapy Association Member


Alex grew up in the town of Gundagai and is an accomplished dancer, having achieved Grade 8 plus Royal Academy of Dance intermediate level during her ballet career.


Alex has extensive experience in private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has a strong reputation across the Riverina as being a very thorough and talented physiotherapist. She has completed additional courses in dry needling, upper and lower limb synthetic casting, diagnosis and management of cervical spine disorders and matwork and clinical reformer pilates. Alex is trained in ballet, pre pointe assessments. 

Alex is also a women's health physiotherapist and has completed training in the management of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor retraining, stress and urge incontinence, prolapse and pessary fitting


Alex is particularly interested in pilates, having studied extensively over the past few years in this area. Alex completed her pilates matwork and reformer training through APPI, Queensland Institute of Pilates and DMA. Alex is one of our pilates instructors who delivers classes to our clients every weekday. Alex also guides clients through private and semi private clinical pilates sessions. 

Alex is extremely proud of her home town and has been an integral force in bringing Synergy Healthworks 'home' to Gundagai. 

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