Kids/Youth Pilates

At Synergy Healthworks, our Kids & Youth Pilates classes incorporate the core principles of Pilates while participating in a fun and inclusive environment. 

Kids & Youth Pilates can:

  • improve posture and alignment.

  • create breathing and body awareness

  • increase coordination, mobility & balance

  • improve endurance, strength & flexibility

  • engage the best/correct muscles for stabilised and controlled movements

  • improve quality of life and reduce pain in chronic conditions such as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Prior to beginning Kids Pilates, one of our Physiotherapist Pilates Instructors will carry out a thorough assessment of each participant to ensure that there are no underlying injuries or imbalances that need to be considered. It also allows the instructor to specifically tailor the class to that person's needs. 

Because our instructors are physiotherapists, most Health Funds will provide a rebate for Pilates Classes. It's best to give your Health Fund a call to find out exactly what that rebate would be.